Digby County, Nova Scotia

This cross-country tour included milestones that were alluded to but not clearly stated when the blog began.  They are:

  1. Leave Maple Ridge, BC
  2. Attend wedding in Ontario on July 29, 2017
  3. Buy house in Nova Scotia
  4. Complete the cross-country journey before the end of 2017

We’ve achieved the first two and are now actively pursuing the third milestone.  While looking for a house, we chose a campsite in Digby County near the Bay of Fundy.  Here, the sea air is clean and the breeze is brisk.

Ships in various stages of repair can be seen at shipyards like this one in Meteghan . . .

Church steeples dot the horizon and suggest a significant historical influence in this area.

We stopped at the Roadside Grill, which is a cute and friendly place to have a cup of tea. The home cooked meals looked delicious and included traditional Acadian cuisine – rappie pie – which I have yet to try.

Roadside Grill, Belliveaus Cove

Found the Clare Township* Baie-Sainte-Marie website which provides information about the area’s shipbuilding, parishes, cemeteries and history. Originally started as a database to share with genealogists, it seems to have evolved into a good resource for someone like me who would like to learn a little bit more Nova Scotia.

*Clare Township is part of Digby County.

Sunset Overlooking St. Mary’s Bay from Belle Baie Park


  1. Congratulations on your cross country journey! The smoke moved in to the lower mainland and stayed for two weeks! We are just starting to enjoy fresh air and blue sky again! Good luck in your new house adventure! Hope to see you again soon! Cheers, Kathryn


    • Thanks, Kathryn. . . Glad the smoke dissipated! After our little hiatus to buy a house (and everything seems to be going smoothly – fingers still crossed), we’re hoping to continue to PEI and Newfoundland. So, the journey is not quite finished yet.

      BIG HUG. . . We’ll definitely see each other again soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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