Along the TransCanada Highway: Quebec and New Brunswick

The ride from Quebec through New Brunswick took only a couple of days as I’m anxiously looking forward to house hunting in Nova Scotia.  This did not stop me from enjoying the amazing scenery.  George, by the way, has been doing all the driving!

In Quebec we crossed the Mighty Saint Lawrence River . . .

Saw farm houses in the distance with crops of corn near the highway and wild flowers that look strikingly similar to the ones growing in BC. . .

Familiar traffic signs appear in one official language . . .


New Brunswick offered many of the same views but with a slightly different flavour. Farm houses in the distance still abound but the crops are different – potatoes perhaps?

Rock cliffs include a tinge of copper colouring but, just as in other provinces, pine trees still provide the “topping”.  . .


The same lovely wild flowers dot the view along the way . . .


Honorable mention goes to . . . The cleanest and best-kept road-side washroom at the  Kwik-Way in Grand Falls, New Brunswick.



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