My Family Home

Part of my trip across Canada included a wedding in a community near my home town. So, of course, I stopped over at my parents’ place which has been empty since they both passed away a few years ago.

Memories of my childhood flooded my head as I walk towards the house where I grew up.  The trees look taller and more mature. . . A corn field invades what was once a bountiful garden but some of the perennial flowers still remain. . .


The maple tree in our back yard still stands but the branch and swing that we enjoyed during our childhood have long since been removed. . .


Farm machinery which was once considered top-of-the-line technology lay idle behind the barn. . .


Many things have changed since I was a child and I have very fond memories of my days on the farm.

Don’t be afraid of change because it is leading you to a new beginning. (Joyce Meyers)




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