Things to Remember for Next Cross Canada Tour

As mentioned previously, there have been many firsts during this journey and quite a few lessons. . . Here’s  a beginning list of things to keep in mind:

Technical difficulties abound:

  • Wifi connectivity is not equal. . .
    • Connectivity may be present but only in specific areas – usually right beside the office and not at the camp site that I’ve reserved.
    • Connectivity might be free but for a limited time before a credit card is needed.
    • The signal may be weak . . . just as you’re saving that file, poof, the connection is gone and you need to start again!
  • No Service zones . . .
    • I’ve become spoiled living in Vancouver where service is always available. That’s not the case in some of the rural communities.  (I can hear Laine saying “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” ;-).  My cell phone was nothing more than a glorified clock in many parts of Canada.

Novice blogging error:

  • Setting the time zone on your blog is really quite important.  If you don’t then the times and dates reflected on the blog will not match what is actually going on.
    • the time zone error caused me significant angst and I did consider changing it for published posts but was deterred by the fact that all the links would be broken . . . that, of course, would detract from the purpose of a blog . . . finding the posts and readig them.

Picture-taking disruptions

This is a big problem for me as I was hoping to have a lovely collection of pictures to keep of my travels across Canada.  Sadly, here are some problems that I’ve encountered:

  • power lines interfering with the ‘perfect shot’
  • taking pictures in a moving vehicle
  • focusing on the moment, in awe of the beauty and grandeur, rather than using my iPhone to capture the moment for posterity
  • remembering at the last minute to get a picture only to end up with an image of my thumb, part of the vehicle or other unwanted objects.

Here’s a classic “thumb image” in the corner with “blurry flowers” at the bottom which was taken from a moving vehicle:


So, here I lay bare some of my trials and tribulations in the hopes that someone reading this may have an easier time of blogging and traveling at the same time.




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